Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Collision Regulations [summary of each rule]

I made this in order for the Maritime Students to further understand the rules of the road. It is important to know that not all maritime students directly or automatically inherit those rules and even I, sometimes forget it due to many circumstances. Now I hope that the readers will find this comprehensive for their studies.

Collision Regulations
[A personal summary]

Rule 1 [Application]

---> This rule speaks on the proper application of the sections mentioned in this rule. Any organization, government, government agencies  and the like shall comply to the closest possible agreement regardless of any special rules implemented not mentioned to the regulations [etc. Traffic Separation Schemes, Lights and Shapes etc]

Rule 2 [Responsibility]

---> If anyone did not comply or neglected to follow the rules, they are not exempted to the consequences they have done. [the master, owner, crew]. The concerned personnel shall take necessary measures in order to avoid any danger and risk of collision.
Rule 3 [General

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